Portable Mp3

Power up the memory of your portable mp3 player


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It's now more than ten years ago since the mp3 format arrived to our lives. That format is the one which allows us to store more music in our computers offering the same quality than bigger files.

Most probably you have an Mp3 portable player and it can store up to 1, 2, 5, or more GB. That capacity, translated into music and songs means a certain number of songs depending on their length. Nowadays, people want to store more and more music in that tiny device, maybe they will never listen to all of them, but they want to have them there.

Stop searching one with more capacity, your solution is opposite your eyes, Portable Mp3 is the piece of software you need to power up your portable mp3 player.

If you want to reduce the size of your mp3 files, you only have to add the files, choose the output folder and press start, that's all. Thanks to Portable Mp3 and its simply but effective 3 click process you will enjoy more music using the same memory.
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